Carbon Neutral

Bakery Goes Carbon Neutral With A Helping Hand From Nissan

  • Local German baker buys all-electric fleet to make emission-free deliveries
  • “Ihr Bäcker Schüren” is able to go 100% carbon-neutral for the first time thanks to its new Nissan e-NV200 electric van fleet
  • Electric Nissan e-NV200 vans deliver more than 10,000 rolls of bread each day, seven days a week

LEAF Battery Reliability

Nissan LEAF Battery Reliability Outperforms Cynics, Critics and Alternatives!

  • Just 0.01% of batteries have been replaced since 2010
  • More reliable than a petrol or diesel engine, according to industry averages

Steady as it Glows

Nissan LEAF light up Holland’s Smart Highway.
Nissan drives its unique glow-in-the-dark zero-emission LEAF on the luminous Smart Highway in Oss, Holland.

NISSAN Leo Peeters

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